3 Questions to Ask When Apartment Hunting

What to ask before moving into an apartment

Apartment hunting in Orange County can be daunting simply because of all the fabulous communities to choose from. Considering this will be your new home for at least a year it's important to ask all the right questions before signing on the dotted line. If you're a pet owner, the first question needs to be if pets are allowed. No sense getting all … [Read more...]

How to Create a Bright Space in Your Apartment

Creating Lighting in an Apartment

Light illuminates, brightens, and uplifts, so it's no surprise you want some in your apartment.  Aside from highlighting your apartment decorating ideas, light can also set the right mood.  Here's how to get the right lighting choices for your apartment. First, find out where your natural light is.  Turn off all the lights and walk through your … [Read more...]

5 Fun and Free Things to do in Orange County

Free and Fun Things to do in Anaheim

There is always so much going on in and around Santa Ana but sometimes money is tight and you don't want to spend much cash to have a good time. Never fear! There is plenty to do without ever having to open your wallet. Check out these five free things to do in Orange County. There are at least four different free art walks to explore throughout the … [Read more...]

Get a Look at The History of Santa Ana at The Old Orange County Courthouse

Old Orange County Courthouse

Are you interested in the history of Santa Ana or want to learn more about the town in which you are living? If this is the case, the Santa Ana Old Orange County Courthouse is the place to go. This courthouse is located at 211 West Santa Ana Boulevard. This is approximately 3 miles from our Villas at Tustin apartments. The hours are as … [Read more...]

Hate Doing the Dishes? Make It Fun With These 4 Ideas

Doing the Dishes

It's a fact of life, if you cook and eat, you will have dishes to clean up. But washing those dishes doesn't always have to be a chore. These apartment living ideas can make dish washing a lot more fun. Promise yourself a special treat once you're finished. It could be something as simple as a second glass of wine or another chapter of that best … [Read more...]