Take Historical Tour of Santa Ana’s Most Historic Cemetery

Santa Ana History

If looking for something unique to do that takes place in the outdoors you should go on the Santa Ana Historical Cemetery Tour. It takes place October 25 less than 1 mile from our Villas at Tustin Apartments at the Fairhaven Memorial Park. This is the 17th annual tour. Each year focuses on a specific group of people. Some past themes included those … [Read more...]

Keep These 3 Things in Mind When Searching for Your New Apartment

Things to think about when searching for an apartment

It's a great time of the year to begin searching for a new apartment. This way you can get all settled in before the holiday season begins. Keep these practical apartment searching tips in mind when checking out all the great communities in the Santa Ana area. Sure, you want to live in the coolest hippest part of town, but don't forget to figure in … [Read more...]

Make Your Apartment Seem Bigger With These 3 Ideas

Make your apartment seem bigger

So you want more space in your Villas at Tustin apartment but you have no idea how to knock down a wall... nor are you allowed to. There are (legal) ways to get around the limitations of having a tiny apartment. Consider these 3 apartment decorating ideas to make your space feel more inviting, open and like an after-work hours sanctuary. By hanging … [Read more...]

Gather With Your Santa Ana Neighbors During Plaza Wellness

Woman Holding Weighing Scales

Choosing to live a healthier lifestyle is easy, but adhering to the rules that come along is difficult. Cheating or skipping a step can cause guilty feelings, but with a little help, you can stay in the right direction. One of the top Santa Ana events and attractions is the Plaza Wellness Fair taking place on September 6th. The fair is a … [Read more...]

Do Your Fall Shopping at The Village at Orange in Orange City

The Village at Orange

When shopping in Orange County this fall, go to The Village at Orange. The Village at Orange has everything you need, and it is located close by our community at 1500 East Village Way. Whether it is back to school shopping, or a search for a new fall wardrobe, The Village has it. The anchor stores include Wal Mart, JC Penney, Ross, and Sears. There … [Read more...]