There’s Plenty of Covered Parking in Our Apartment Community

Covered Parking

Most of the time, living in an apartment means parking your car out in the elements. Being outside in the weather all year round can take its toll on your car, however, causing your paint to fade, your headlights to become yellowed, and even the interior to deteriorate faster from the sun and heat. As a result, apartment communities that offer covered … [Read more...]

5 Easy Weekday Meal Ideas to Try

Easy to fix Meals

When you get home from work the last thing you want to do is cook an elaborate meal. However, cooking at home is less expensive and healthier than eating out. These five easy weekday meals will help you get a menu started. Vegetable Meatloaf with Balsamic Glaze Because healthy food paired with leftovers for lunch is a definite win. Pan Seared … [Read more...]

Have a Classic Meal at The Filling Station Cafe

The Filling Station Cafe

Everyone loves a good meal. You probably enjoy being able to cook a delicious, homemade meal in the fully-equipped kitchen in your Villas at Tustin apartment. It is great to be able to create a lovely dish for your own enjoyment. Some days, however, you may want to have a good meal outside of your residence at one of the many Santa Ana restaurants … [Read more...]

5 Random Things You Can Do That Will Imrpove Your Life at Home

Improve Apartment life

You may search for many ways to make your home life better. There are some inexpensive ways that you create an entirely new outlook in your home. A new outlook will make you feel better and ready to explore your community near Villas at Tustin. These apartment living tips that will help you change things for the better: Reduce mental clutter by … [Read more...]

Our Apartments are Near All the Beaches of Orange County

Orange County Beaches

Summer is in full swing. It is time to enjoy fun and sun. From our Santa Ana apartments near Orange County beaches, you can find so many things to do. Since our apartments are near Orange County beaches, beach-going has become one of the favorite things to do. You can pack up you beach gear, leave your Villas at Tustin apartment and go out for a day … [Read more...]